Vice Presidency: Why Divide The North?

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In the wake of the search for a vice president, a surreptitious division of Northern Nigeria is already taking place. Newspapers last Tuesday reported a certain “North West” caucus of the House of Representatives demanding Jonathan Goodluck appoints from their “Region”. The spokesperson for that “Region” is one Bashir Adamu Kazaure (PDP Jigawa). These history illiterates must be taught that dividing the North that way does not serve our interest at all. If there are “geo-political Regions” (of South East, South West and South-South) in the South, it is because of the DISTINCT differences of peoples there. But in the “North West”, are they speaking for the “Hausa/Fulani”?

They are also available in the “North West” and “North Central” too. The Sardauna and his generation helped to forge a Northern consciousness which these history illiterates from the “North West Region” in the House of Representatives are trying to unravel in search for a vice president slot. What happened to the NORTHERN CAUCAUS?

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