Kayode Fayemi: One good term deserves another

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I SPENT Easter 2013 in Ado Ekiti, as guest of Kayode Fayemi, the Ekiti State Governor. I took the opportunity to travel round the state to see some of the landmark achievements of his administration but spent even more engaging time, discussing his views of politics as the governor of his state and as a Nigerian intellectual with solid pedigree in the struggle against military dictatorship. Kayode is not the archetypal politician; he is certainly not the rabble-rouser.

He thinks through actions and he reflects very deeply; and in a sea of ordinary politicians dedicated to the service of their bellies, Fayemi represents the few that can inspire belief that we are not doomed afterall.

The Ekiti state elections will be due in the next few days, and it is my hope that INEC will get things right this time, so that we do not get sucked into the type of controversy that will portend serious danger for the 2015 elections. The parties involved in the election must also display utmost responsibility and live up to the billing that Ekiti State is truly, “Ile Iyi, Ile Eye” (Place of Honour).

I do hope Kayode Fayemi gets a renewed mandate to be able to consolidate the work he began four years ago. The success of types like Kayode Fayemi, might just be the harbinger of a more qualitative level of leadership in Nigeria. Believe me, Nigeria can do with truly patriotic, dedicated and responsible leadership!.

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