Tony B-Liar was here -again!

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LAST week, the former banker, Tony Elumelu, brought the war criminal, former British Prime Minister, Tony (George Bush’s poodle) B-LIAR back to Nigeria. The media even published a picture of the duo posing with Goodluck Jonathan at the Aso Villa.

B-LIAR cannot walk freely on the streets of London but he comes back and forth here and is treated like a superstar. B-LIAR is a war criminal; he told lies to justify the illegal invasion/occupation of Iraq which resulted in about a million Iraqi deaths and millions of internal displacements along with destruction of the country with the oldest civilisation on earth.

That criminal should be at the International Criminal Court, explaining the Iraqi blood on his hands and the flesh of Iraqi children hanging on his teeth! He even dared to give lessons on how to run our country! Why do our rulers keep receiving the criminal? If Nigeria cannot arrest Tony B-Liar, please stop receiving him in our country.

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