The Turf War At The National Assembly

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Over the past week, Nigerians have been treated to a turf war in the haloed chambers of our National Assembly; it was as fitting as would make the Mafia proud! The absurdity was not in respect of how to advance the interests of the Nigerian people but on the trite point of where the annual ritual of the budget (that will not be implemented faithfully anyway!), was to be presented. A nation which allows itself to be run by people with tainted mandates can only harvest the level irresponsibility that we see all around us every day! We have thoroughly deserved the incompetence emanating from all realms of governance in our country because we did not dare to say No to fraudulent elections which return jokers to high places! Yet Mark and Bankole  are from the same PDP! They cannot sort themselves out and we expect they will care about the Nigerian people! Amazing!


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