PDP: Turmoil inside the basket of Scorpions

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“It (is) the best of times, it (is) the worst of times, it (is) the age of wisdom, it (is) the age of foolishness, it (is) the epoch of belief, it (is) the epoch of incredulity, it (is) the season of light, it (is) the season of Darkness, it (is) the spring of hope, it (is) the winter of despair, we (have) everything before us, we (have) nothing before us…” -CHARLES DICKENS in TALE OF TWO CITIES

IT was the much-lamented Chief Sunday Awoniyi, a founding member of the party that once described the PDP as “a basket of scorpions stinging themselves to death”. Judging by all that happened in recent weeks, there can be no better description of the behemoth which holds Nigeria in a stifling bear-hug since 1999!

As we have argued here, a vicious struggle is unfolding for the soul of the vote “capturing” contraption, with different tendencies within the party posturing for advantage, in the buildup to the 2015 elections.

We warned that only the politically naïve would believe that 2015 politics have not taken centre stage. Isn’t politics warfare by other means?President Goodluck Jonathan is fighting the battle of his political life, despite appearances; and he has to contend with many political foes. His main advantage is incumbency with the apparatus of state power available for deployment to fight his battles.

Recent stirring by the EFCC against perceived foes like Sule Lamido and Rotimi Amaechi, is a piece of the jigsaw. But Jonathan has become increasingly alienated from many of his supporters in the bruising battles that took him to the summit of Nigerian politics.

The “shoeless” boy is now obliged by circumstances to become master of his own political life, for the first time. It is an unfamiliar turf for Jonathan and he faces a bloody battle.

The enemies are many, ranging from the badly wounded despot, Olusegun Obasanjo to the over-bearing governors whose control of the party machinery as a self-serving collective, has cast a pall on PDP politics since 2002, when they first flexed their muscles and almost deprived Obasanjo a Second Term ticket!

Obasanjo is hurting from the short shrift he got from Jonathan, whose steady ascendancy from a nondescript deputy governor, to presidency he had facilitated; yet President Jonathan will not allow him rule by proxy.

It is an irony of politics, that Obasanjo who publicly declared that whoever invested in his presidency in 1999 for a return, forfeited all, will somehow attempt to defy political logic that“godfatherism” has a short shelf life!

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