Hypocritical selectivity: They recall Arunma Oteh but refuse to reinstate Justice Salami

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LAST week, most newspapers carried the picture of workers at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), demonstrating with placards, against the recall of their boss, Ms. Aruma Oteh; she had been suspended from work, owing to controversies around her leadership.

Her recall was preceded by her attendance of a meeting of the Economic Team, while still on suspension. There must be something the entire nation, including the National Assembly, cannot see, about the woman, which made it imperative to return her to work.

The government through Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, appealed for SEC workers’ understanding while firmly stating there was no going back on her recall.

The hypocrisy of the Jonathan administration has become frightening! The government suspended Justice Ayo Salami, on the basis of a recommendation by the National Judicial Council (NJC). The same NJC cleared Justice Salami of all allegations and recommended his re-instatement as President, Court of Appeal.

But just like scoundrels hide behind patriotic declamations to commit unpatriotic acts, Jonathan’s government hid behind sandbags of cases against Justice Salami that were allegedly ‘sub judice’ to refuse his re-instatement.

The government operates hypocritical double standards: what is good for Aruma Oteh is apparently not available for an upright, honourable judge! Oteh is a privileged member of our ruling caste, like those who the French novelist, Balzac once said, have earned the right to commit any misdemenor and go scot-free!

But Justice Salami is not recalled because his forthrightness and honour affront the decadent PDP regime that holds our nation in a stranglehold. For that reason he must suffer! No country prospers on the basis of injustice!

There is similar apprehension today, about what Aminu Tambuwal’s House of Representatives will do with Diezani’s booby-trapped version of the PIB.Nigerians please ‘shine your eyes well, well’, with Diezani’s Petroleum Industry Bill!

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