Sule Lamido and Jigawa’s television vision

April 18, 2013
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I AM writing these lines in the JIGAWA HOTELS room that I have been lodged in since Monday evening.

I have come to Dutse, to attend the inauguration of the Technical Committee on Jigawa Television. I received a letter early in March, appointing me to membership along with other notable broadcast personalities: Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim (Former DG NTA and FRCN); Tonnie Iredia (Former DG NTA); Ahmed Aminu (Former MD CTV Kano); Prof. Umaru Pate, First Mass Communication Professor in Northern Nigeria; Omotayo Omotosho and Adamu Aliyu Kiyawa. Our job was to help provide a basis for the establishment of Jigawa TV, by developing a blueprint of fundamental principles and objectives; situating same within the broad philosophic framework of democratic humanism which guides the government.

Sule Lamido has the vision to establish what was described as a “World Class” television station in Dutse and already a truly marvelous television house is under construction with a picture of the model proudly displayed in the premises of the Jigawa Broadcasting Corporation. Similarly, equipment worth over N2billion has been ordered through Lucky Omoluwa’sPinnacle Communications/Harris Corporation group. The television station will become another fitting piece in the elaborate jigsaw of developments which the leadership of Sule Lamido has instituted in this state. And believe me, when I say that there is a lot that the people of this state have achieved since Sule Lamido came to power.

An old PRP radical politician, who never shies away from his roots as a disciple of Malam Aminu Kano and the NEPU/PRP tradition, Sule Lamido has continued to valorize the history of struggle and of the radical political tradition in the North.

Our Technical Committee was also asked to design an identity for the proposed Jigawa TV as well as criticise the functioning of state-owned TV stations in Nigeria with the hope that the propose station will learn from their example to do things better.

It is very instructive for me that the Jigawa state government, under Sule Lamido, has always used expertise from all over Nigeria to achieve its development goals and the result is the multi-faceted levels of developments witnessed here since 2007.

A non-parochial, cosmopolitan, pan-Nigerian vision, such as informs the composition of our Technical Committee can certainly do wonders for the development in a state like Jigawa. And the commitment and experience of the team I am working with on this assignment convince me that Jigawa will deliver a television service that its people will be very proud of.


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