Senator Ahmed Yerima: Aso Villa prayer entrepreneur

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There is a story from ZamfaraState that might well be apocryphal, but has remained enduring. During Ahmed Yerima’s governorship in Zamfara, the late Alhaji Abubakar Rimi had arrived in Gusau for a public event. He was received by Governor Yerima, who greeted Rimi: “Ranka Ya Dade”! “No, You should take ‘Ranka Ya Dade’”, Rimi had responded.

A confused Ahmed Yarima then asked why. Rimi was said to have reminded him that they (Rimi) can only be accused of having deceived the people with their politics.

But you, Ahmed Yerima, are not only deceiving the people, but deceiving Allah with your ‘Sharia politics’! It is this same political clown that has become the prayer entrepreneur, regularly taking Malamai from all over the country to pray for President Goodluck Jonathan at the Aso Villa! What does Ahmed Yerima really stand for? Isn’t he in the leadership of APC? Whose interest does he really serve?.

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