Nasir el-Rufai: Settling into a rhythm of governance

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If I have to make a choice, I thinkNasir El-Rufai amongst the newer governors, is faster in settling into a rhythm of governance in Kaduna. He had announced early the first set of people that would work with him. Given the precarious state of finance, he indicated that he would sacrifice a percentage of his salary as governor and by this week, there was announced the streamlining of the Kaduna state governmental structure, with the reduction and merger of government ministries.

The steps that have been taken so early in the administration’s lifespan are indicative of a serious approach to governance. I feel truly excited that Kaduna is on the cusp of something exciting and despite the paucity of funds and the accumulated mess, our Kaduna is likely to witness governance that works. Kaduna is one of the cities that I live in and it’s a place I have tremendous emotional attachment to.

Over the past few years, there was a steady deterioration of standards as well as of infrastructure. Kaduna became a shadow of its rich history and in many parts of city and state there was instituted very frightening levels of inter-communal suspicions which were clearly unhealthy and inimical to the building of harmonious existence. A lot of the problems are related to politics and governance issues.

I think that it was an important victory for the people of Kaduna, that we turned our backs on the previous administration and voted massively for Nasir El-Rufai. I think he would give his all to the process of regeneration and development of Kaduna. The early steps taken are indicative of the urge to get the work going. Kaduna is going to transform because it now has at the helms a governor who has the vision, capacity and courage to lead the change process.

What is definitive is that El-Rufai will drive that process to ensure that change genuinely touches our lives. That is why as a resident of Kaduna, and a taxpayer and employer 1of labour to boot, I feel so excited that the process is getting into gear in my city!.

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