Re: Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure elongation gambit

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LAST week, I drew attention to the elongation  agenda of Jonathan Goodluck’s tenure and the quid pro quo sop thrown at the Senate’s leadership, in the form of new states.

A debate has now commenced around these irresponsibly self-serving agendas. Nigerians must REJECT Jonathan’s tenure elongation bid just as we should never allow the absurdity of new states. It makes no sense when everybody is aware that the states we have now are not even viable. We should resist the blackmail that the Igbo are “short-changed” in the number of states in “their geo-political region”.

States have been historically created on the basis of the old Nigerian regions, not on an ethnic basis. So out of the old North, there are 19 states; the old West, six states; Mid-West two states and Eastern Nigeria nine states. States cannot be turned into confetti to be worn around the necks of our thieving political elite.

We should build democratic consensus and institute justice between the different ethnic communities within and among states and make democracy serve the Nigerian people, not an insatiably thieving elite, pushing ethno-regional agendas to further polarise our country!

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