Presidential pardon for Alams

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A  FEW days after refusing all entreaties to work for peace and reconciliation in Borno, President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Council of States, granted state pardon to DiepreiyeAlamieyeisegha. The former governor had been convicted for stealing state funds. To pull wool on the eyes of Nigerians, the former MD of the defunct Bank of the North, Shettima Bulama was added to the pardon list. This is class justice at a most sickening level as well as a crudely ethnic one.

I think Jonathan should just stop deceiving Nigerians that he is fighting against corruption. In fact, somebody made a suggestion, that as part of the constitution review process, President Jonathan should move an amendment making corruption and fraud a Fundamental Objective and Directive Principle of State Policy. That way all those who have stolen Nigeria can then freely enjoy their loot without let or hindrance.

Mister President, what about opening the gates of all prisons and allowing every imprisoned thief to go home? That will certainly be in the spirit of your “Transformation Agenda”.

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