President Obama in Cuba

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THERE is an alleged statement by Cuban revolutionary icon, Fidel Castro, making the rounds online. Fidel was said to have assured that: “the United States will come to talk to us when they have a black president and the world has a Latin American Pope”. It might just be apocryphal, but those vaunted conditions are here, and the Americans have re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba, after over 50 years of blockage; attempted assassinations of revolutionary Cuban leaders and a failed invasion, at Bay of Pigs in the 1960s. This week, President Obama paid a visit to Cuba, where he confessed that a boycott from the years of the Cold War was no longer relevant in the contemporary world condition. President Obama was right and has also taken the right step, but the boycott must eventually be lifted to have normal relations with heroic Cuba. I think the Cuban Revolution has won a major victory with the developments of the past year. Cuba is located about 90miles from the United States, and  it is good that a mutually beneficial relationship of equals is being opened between the two countries.

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