PDP’s metamorphosis: From do-or-die to all out war

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FELLOW Nigerians please be on the lookout. PDP is changing tack. It has undergone a metamorphosis. Not even “do-or-die” can approximate its desire to retain power. Times have changed in Nigeria and the Neanderthal “Ogas at the top”, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and the colonial-era policeman, Chief Tony Anenih have their jobs cut out.

The umbrella is torn; the scorpions are stinging themselves to death inside their basket of troubles; the candidate-to-be in 2015 has alienated the nation with an uninspiring record of service so far; the Niger Delta people whose “turn” it is have abused others to a point where they are gradually becoming the sole owners of a shell of a party, that the PDP is gradually becoming. And despite their huffing and puffing; the threats and abuses, politics remains a game of numbers!

The numbers do not reside in the Niger Delta, unfortunately. And to worsen matters, the opposition seemed to have discovered the ability to unite at a time that Nigerians are yearning for a different direction in their lives. The emergence of APC has become such a potent and potential cure for the nation’s political headache, that the PDP is scared stiff. Fatigue has set in in the nation and after 14 years under the torn and leaky umbrella, things are scattering. As Fela would have inimitably put it, OVERTAKE DON OVERTAKE OVERTAKE!

The PDP boat which Goodluck Jonathan had threatened to sink in 2010, is listing dangerously today. The governors are not amenable to the much-vaunted reconciliation drive. But the party chairman’s eyes are firmly on the ball. Never mind that the old man is not as firm as he was all those years ago. He still has fire in his belly. That was why he announced so honestly, that for his party, 2015 will be an all-out-war. But Baba Bamanga Tukur would have re-written Clausewitz’ treatise on war, by being a general able to win a war, when his troops are threatening to desert.

Maybe the heavy financial war chest of the PDP will be enough to gather political stragglers to throw into a last-ditched battle for 2015. What about a liberal helping of political Viagra, given that we are dealing with an expired political manhood as well?  May you live in interesting times, as the old Chinese curse says; those times are here! Please stay tuned, as we say in broadcasting.

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