Governance Without Social Conscience

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Opening the NLC’s Harmattan School early this week, Congress President, Abdulwaheed Omar, warned the Goodluck Jonathan administration, that its gung-ho determination to ‘remove’ so-called ‘fuel subsidy’, will lead to ‘serious revolt’, because “Nigerians will be left without any option than to openly kick against the anti-people policy”. Not only that though, the “NLC would mobilize Nigerians for the action”, calling Nigerians to “take their destiny in their hands”. Omar’s warning is as explicit as it ever can be, just as the base of opposition against the intendment of the Jonathan administration continues to expand and firm up. It is also clear that for the regime there can be no alternative course of action; it must deepening the immiseration of the Nigerian people. Locked in its confusion, it has become impossible for it to think out of the classical box Washington Consensus orthodoxy, afterall, it is darlings of imperialism, like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, that drive the process.

Transformation politics in the hands of Goodluck Jonathan is now a Janus-faced monster, revealing a regime of governance without social conscience. In recent weeks, the alienation of the regime from the preferences of the Nigerian people has reached very disturbing heights, and I guess that those who supported Jonathan’s candidacy during the last election must secretly be regretting that they invested hope in a man who seemed wired to dash it, with his serial bungling and mind-boggling incompetence. Yet if anything has come to define the man’s style, it is an openly vindictive and self-centered use of power. The way the Bayelsa issue was finally resolved in his ‘personal’ favour, this week; the arrest of ‘pro-Jonathan youths’, turned anti- fuel subsidy removal demonstrators, are just two examples of the cynical side to our man, Goodluck! And the manner he is determined to railroad a constitutional amendment, to achieve a single 7-year tenure, which he will then kick-start, should give us the pause. In ‘free (ing) and fair (ing) Goodluck Jonathan into power last April, Nigerians brought home an ant-ridden faggot; they probably did not expect the visiting lizards of governance without social conscience from Goodluck Jonathan. But that is what we are now harvesting; big time!


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