PDP and the invigorated opposition: The Fixer-In-Chief’s cross

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IT is often said in political circles that the fear of Chief Tony Anenih is the
beginning of political wisdom. The old colonial-era policeman, by dint of hard work; a dollop of cunning and unbridled viciousness, has become the eminence grise of ruling party politics in our country.

There’s just something that makes the chief tick and that is the uncommon loyalty to leaders of his party and the willingness to carry out dirty jobs to enhance the survival of the ruling class project. In recent weeks, the old cop has been up and about, shoring up relations within the PDP and building bridges to the aggrieved within the party.

More than any other party leader, Tony Anenih knows things are in a bad way for the vote-rigging contraption called the PDP and he is alerting: “We must not live under the illusion that our party is invulnerable. Although, the existing opposition parties are still too small, fragile and sectional, we must not ignore the possibility that a merger of these parties may constitute a threat to our dominance of the political terrain”. Tony Anenih has spoken.

Those who do not listen to the colonial-era policeman will lose out in the race for 2015, because even the party’s suzerainty is being closely questioned by Nigerians and the re-invigorated opposition. Tony Anenih is in his best elements at the moment.

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