Olusegun Mimiko: A victory foretold

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The last time I saw the Ondo state governor, Olusegun Mimiko, was about six months ago. The buildup to the recent election was beginning, and one could catch a whiff of the coming battle.

I asked him about the coming Tinubu threat; and he frankly answered that he was not fazed. He had kept his side of the Social Contract with his people, he assured me, and if his record of service was the basis of judgment, then he believed he would win the election.

We never saw again and were not in contact, till last weekend’s poll. But I had written that I hoped he won; and he did!

There are several reasons why I wanted him to. But above all else, there was Bola Tinubu’sarrogance which seemed to have put off so many people, not just in Ondo state, but around the country, given all I have read on the internet.

The ACN machinery of propaganda, disinformation, abuses and threat went into overdrive; while the more intellectual detachment tried to present a doom’s day backdrop of a much-vaunted ‘sacred’ integration project as an inevitability and reason why Mimiko was going to be uprooted.

Bola Tinubu in his delusion boasted that it was over for Mimiko. In his mind the Ondo satrapy was just a matter of time; unfortunately, even his Ondo satrap, Akeredolu did not win in his constituency!

And to add salt to the open injury, Tinubu’s satrap only came third in the election! There might be other issues that led to Olusegun Mimiko’s impressive victory, but for me, the grotesque level of indecency which the Tinubu machinery deployed was one of the most annoying parts of the campaign and it must have rankled people in Ondo.

When governors and political leaders turn out like thugs and area boys, in a desperate urge for power, and did not even respect their opponent’s humanity, then something was seriously amiss!

In the end, Bola Tinubu got his comeuppance! Olusegun Mimiko is not the lightweight their propaganda profiled him to be.

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