Nnamdi “Andy” Uba: Another expulsion

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LAST week, a full panel of the Supreme Court in Abuja, sacked the senators and members of the House of Representatives from Anambra state. Effectively, Stella Oduah, the controversial former Aviation Minister, and Nnamdi “Andy” Uba, were thrown out of Nigeria’s senate. Their expulsion had been as a result of controversies about procedures for selection of candidates by the PDP in the last election. “Andy” Uba’s expulsion is a major blow for Bukola Saraki, who has lost one of his closest allies in senate. Their relationship dates back to their time together as Special Assistants in the Obasanjo presidency. So close did they become, that Bukola Saraki made “Andy” Uba’s office first port of call every time he visited Aso Villa, while governor of Kwara state. When Uba was to be nominated as PDP candidate in 2007, Bukola Saraki ensured that one of his boys from Kwara was sent to conduct the primaries, which “Andy” Uba won, not surprisingly! BukolaSaraki also ensured that one of his sidekicks was posted as electoral commissioner to Anambra state for the 2007 elections. It was the election for which Nnmadi “Andy” Uba declared mind-boggling personal financial assets. That election was so badly rigged for “Andy” Uba, that he got more votes than the number of registered voters in Anambra state! We all recall the way people rejoiced when Nnamdi “Andy” Uba was eventually thrown out from his pretentious perch as “governor”.

But “Andy” Uba has kept popping up, parading a controversial educational resume, which took him into Nigeria’s Senate in 2011 and 2015, until he was thrown out by the Supreme Court last week. And to show the level of disdain that he has for Nigerians’ sensitivities, it was that same “Andy” Uba, who massively rigged a governorship election that Bukola Saraki appointed as Chairman of the Senate Committee on INEC. An inveterate election rigger was asked to oversee the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). “Andy” Uba’s expulsion from Senate has certainly removed one of Bukola Saraki’s closet allies and supporters. And today’s piece is coming out a day before the much-anticipated Supreme Court ruling in Bukola Saraki’s CCT case. This must be a very ominous moment for him and “Andy” Uba’s expulsion from Senate would no doubt have touched a very raw nerve with the Senate president. With Nnamdi “Andy” Uba thrown out of Senate, who else might suffer the same fate? These are troubling times inside the haloed chambers of Nigeria’s Senate. Those paralyzed by fear have a lot to truly fear! Nnamdi “Andy” Uba’s expulsion from Senate is a bad omen for those able to read the portents.

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