Nigeria’s Political Society And Its Scandals

November 30, 2010
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This is an incredible country! Jonathan invited the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) lead by Pastor Tunde Bakare to shore up support for his flagging presidential campaign. On the way out, he sent sidekick, Godsay Orubebe to offer a “thank you” bribe of fifty thousand dollars ONLY. But the man of God, Bakare, won’t have any of that; so he did a “back to the sender” with the $50, 000. Sensing the danger of exposure, presidency attempted a spin which exploded in their faces like politically-embarrassing soap bubble. This in the week that CBN Governor told a painful truth: we are spending too much on recurrent overhead to meaningfully fund development. 25% of budget services only the National Assembly, he further stated.

But a livid and increasingly detested National Assembly is fighting back: we get only 3.5 percent not 25%! 2010 budget is N4, 427,144,596, 534trillion. Out of that NASS got “only” N158, 916, 167, 627billion! Furthermore, according to Speaker Bankole, the REAL THIEVES are civil servants (Hear, Hear!!). In the past five years alone, civil servants STOLE “between N800billion and N1trillion from the annual budget”. They back their intrepid kleptomania with poor education and corruption so much so that a $5billion loan was transformed into $20billion!  Furthermore, in 2008, they returned N21billion as unspent budgetary money; however, after probes and threats the returned money reached N350billion, and to foreclose questions in 2009, they also returned N350billion! All these in the kleptocratic state called Nigeria.

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