Maurice Iwu Needs Help To Snap Out Of His Delusions!

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Nigeria’s controversial electoral Czar, Maurice Iwu visited us last week. The gentleman did everything to reinforce despondency about the electoral system. Iwu is absolutely deluded! He was beating chest that he successfully midwife a transition from regimes; he re-interpreted the self-inflicted crisis around Atiku Abubakar’s participation in the 2007 election and denounced reports about the excess votes recorded for Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba in Anambra. Iwu wants a second term in office but did not accept that was the reason for the charm offensive to Media Trust.

The man described himself a “child-like Christian” and pressed on why he wouldn’t quit considering criticisms of his tenure, Iwu said it was “unpatriotic” to do so; besides, he does not care about criticisms from “Atheists” or politicians who own media but criticize him, because he refuses to play ball with them. Iwu’s INEC is regularly on the offensive against criticisms and listening to his spirited defence of what was universally adjudged the worst elections in the world, two conclusions came to my mind: the man needs help to snap out of his denial and delusion, and secondly, with our elections under his watch, we will waste billions of naira, make a few guys absolutely rich, but will NEVER have free and fair elections!

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