John Nwodo And The Volte-Face On Zoning

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Zoning is tearing the North’s PDP. Goodluck’s men are decimating the region using religion and ethnicity with the exhumation from political Siberia of long-term, despicable AGIPS, like Jerry Gana. Governors for second term like those of Niger and Zamfara, are backtracking from zoning. It is a matter of time before a trickle turns into a storm. Personal interest first! Do the main gladiators for zoning, IBB and Atiku Abubakar, have staying power? Can they take the heat of the political kitchen? Will IBB stay the course or dropout, suddenly discovering he is “related” to Goodluck, somehow? New PDP chair, John Nwodo [of the National ID Card bribery scandal!] told BBC that zoning in PDP was already fatally compromised; but how did he emerge? Zoning! Can you sniff the crass opportunism?

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