Jerry Gana, Suntai and the Taraba charade

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JERRY GANA is unlikely to be absent in political, ethno-religious/regional controversies. When he became the chief orchestra conductor besides Danbaba Suntai at the Abuja airport the other day, it was clear that mischief was in its elements.

The Geography professor from Niger State and arguably Nigeria’s number one AGIP (Any Government In Power), declared with professorial surety that Suntai was capable of returning to power.

The days since have been anything but edifying in Taraba state. Jerry Gana moved on, organizing the convention which led to PDP’s implosion!

That is the man and his nature. How Jerry Gana sleeps well at night with his conscience, or what he tells his grandchildren of his place in the Nigerian loops of power and religion, must be interesting indeed!

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