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Mallam Modibbo Kawu, the Director General of Nigeria Broadcasting Commission is to declare open the final leg of Monitoring Training in Ilorin this week.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with our correspondent in ilorin, he asserted that the commission would have trained 300 staffs in Ilorin by the close of this week on Monitoring for the Digitization era. He will then be returning to Abuja to face the Senate Information Committee on Thursday.
In his words, the commission concluded the review of the Nigerian Broadcasting Code in Kaduna last week. It was an inclusive process. Before now, only few people usually participate but I included all officers on level 15 and above, without leaving Assistant Directors, and higher officers behind. “I felt they should be part of the review process and it turned out to be an excellent platform,” Kawu said.
I’m also going to ensure that the stakeholders forum is enlarged to bring in civil society activists, intellectual, so it becomes a genuinely democratic instrument of broadcasting regulation in the digital era. According to him, there is so much to be done in the commission as it was ran very badly in the past. It is disheartening that every office holders conceives h/er department as a private fiefdom. Staffs hide informations from one other, it’s really tragic while many work for personal interest. Though, there are staffs willing to work considering the zeal to achieve development for the commission as impressed by the current open leadership. They are delighted I’m giving them opportunity. They expressed relief they are happy to have a DG whose door is always open to them and listen to their problems and challenges. The Director General says with confidence.
Modibbo also made it clear that in less than three months of assumption in office, he has cleared all staff claims accumulated since 2015 and has been able to restore team spirit within the commission. He also said that he’s understanding the people and processes better now.
He promise to move around people as he’s creating a twice a year forum for former DGs and Directors to brainstorm on the commission’s way forward and also a yearly stakeholders forum to tap into their experiences and their institutional memories.
Ishaq Modibbo Kawu also reiterate the commission’s support for the current government. Emphasising that the commission will do all its best to succeed and meet up the deadline for the digitisation program.

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