Bukola Saraki: Always clever by a half

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TO commemorate his 52nd birthday recently, the tin-god of Kwara politics, Bukola Saraki, announced to the flotsam and jetsam that follows him, that he would use some of his pension to start a scholarship programme for brilliant students. His hangers-on probably applauded him for his “generosity”.

But the facts are very messy. Towards the end of his tenure in 2010, Bukola Saraki got a supine Kwara House of Assembly to pass for him a Pension Bill, which for all intents and purposes, means that for as long as he is alive, he will LEGALLY be entitled to cream off a huge sum of Kwara state’s money. That is coming after all he made as governor; and what he continues to make as Governor-General of Kwara since 2011! So the propaganda about a scholarships scheme is set out to hide the obscenity associated with the IMMORAL Pension scheme he has worked out for himself!

If the money had remained in the coffers of the government, would better use not have been made of the funds? What altruism is in immorally taking money from a state that he has systematically underdeveloped since 2003, and then turning around to now issue some ridiculous scholarships? It is still Kwara’s money, not his!

This is a SCAM and it is one that has been perfected in the governance structure in Kwara since 2003! Another example will underline the scam. Honourable Aliyu Ahman-Pategi is the Chair of the House Committee on Water Resources. Not long ago, he was able to get the Federal Government to approve boreholes for Kwara. To propitiate the tin god, Bukola, Ahman-Pategi gave him about 50 of these boreholes.

With fanfare, Bukola Saraki began “donating” boreholes to communities in the state. It was Federal Government intervention; it underlines the SCAM about water supply in the state since 2003 under Bukola! Billions of Naira has gone down the drain, yet we cannot see the water Bukola Saraki and his cronies have spent money on. Similarly, after expending billions on road construction, he returned to Kwara over a year ago, with an earth moving equipment, allegedly to launch a roads construction intervention. In a most humiliating spectacle, he drove the vehicle while our amiable governor, AbdulFateh Ahmed, posed as the “karen-mota”, to the chagrin of onlookers! Being clever by a half is a classic approach to governance and exploitation of Kwara under Bukola Saraki’s suzerainty. But we see through the charade! It will certainly end one day!

THESE are certainly the WORST  of times in our country! Last weekend at a fundraising dinner party, which lasted not more than three hours, Nigeria’s ruling party, openly displayed the incestuous relationship between the party and government and the Nigerian super-rich, what Andre Gunder Frank would have described as our lumpen-bourgeoisie!

Well in those few hours the party became N21billion richer to fight what must be the most bruising election it would ever  face since the 1999 transition to civil rule. At the occasion, President Goodluck Jonathan, with utmost pride, announced that in the past 15 years in power, PDP has “created many millionaires and billionaires”, because it is a “business-friendly party”. In his incredible tunnel vision, Jonathan did not see the obverse of the scenario: the millions of Nigerians that his party has condemned to poverty, squalor and hopelessness.

The truth is that those who donated the billions of naira and those receiving them live in mortal fear of the Nigerian people! They are in cahoots in the systematic underdevelopment of Nigeria and they need each other, to keep the criminal enterprise going: the incestuous relationship between the Nigerian business elite and the party and government it runs.

But nothing lasts forever! The Nigerian people will eventually see through the criminal alliance of big business and the political apparatus of party and state, under the PDP. If anyone surprised me about his donation, it was Nigeria’s AGIP-IN-CHIEF, Jerry Gana. Where on earth did Jerry Gana get five billion Naira from? Who are his faceless friends that donated the money with him? Jerry Gana, as I have written here in the past holds the ONLY PERMANENT C-of-O, to the corridors of power in Nigeria!

Could have been that he mortgaged his certificate? Isn’t the proper thing to do the FULL DISCLOSURE of the faceless “friends” and their source of money? What is INEC saying about that obscenity? We are waiting for an eventual day of reckoning. Remember what Fela Anikulapo Kuti sang? “One day go be one day, those wey dey steal money from government; one day go be one day”! That day is not far off in Nigeria!.

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