Mr. Chinweike Asadu, assassinated Kwara Commissioner of Police

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I CANNOT quite recall what I was searching for last Sunday, when I saw the call card of the Kwara State Police Commissioner, Mr. Chinweike Asadu. I thought to myself that I have not kept the promise to call the very decent police officer.

We had met in Ilorin a few months ago, when in the company of my cousin, the Special Adviser Security, we had gone to his office. He was very professional in respect of the issue that took us to him in the first place and was also a warm human being to boot.

I was pleasantly surprised because he also walked us to the vehicle inviting me to see him again, whenever I returned to Ilorin. I have not been back home since our meeting; so when I saw the card on Sunday, I made up my mind to call and at least keep my promise.

Much later in the evening, I was checking the internet when the story popped up that the Kwara state Police Commissioner had been assassinated. Just to make assurance double sure, I went for the card again and was crestfallen when it turned out to be the same officer!

This must be a very difficult moment for officers and men of the Nigeria police, especially in the Kwara command and all those who have met the gentleman officer; but above all, members of his family.

The outpouring of emotions since his assassination has underlined the decency of the man.

It was tragic that the man was killed just a month to his retirement and a newspaper quoted him as saying that he was going to lie low for a whole year after retirement; and having worked for his country, he would devote himself to his family.

The assassination put paid to his dearly held hope! And the way that criminal groups around Nigeria have ready access to arms and ammunition must worry us all.

In truth, Nigerian society is broken and those who rule us can huff and puff as much as they like, but there is a lot wrong that they are too incompetent to fix and too irresponsible to even bother about.

But a country must rally to fix assassinations and crimes which in a deeply philosophical sense, are rooted in injustice and choices made by the ruling class. May God give the family the fortitude to bear his loss.

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