Who invented the absurdity of VIP movement?

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LAST Tuesday, Goodluck Jonathan hosted the British PrimeMinister, David Cameron in Lagos. I was attending a book launch at the MUSON Centre at Onikan, but many arrived late, because a normally congested city was in lockdown for the visit.

Lagos lost precious man hours to the harebrained lockdown, which will not take place in London. More frightening is the regular closure of the airspace over Abuja for what is called ‘presidential movement’. I have been inside an aircraft hovering around for minutes-on-end, because of this absurdity.

On a recent flight I asked an aviation expert if such a practice takes place in Washington, for the American president; I was told it does not. So why do we allow our putative and joke VIPs to endanger the lives of citizens just because they will be airborne? And in a democratising country?

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