When Niger Delta Thugs Invaded Abuja

July 12, 2010
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Last week, it was reported that 65 buses brought PDP-thugs-turn-militants into the FCT. They “peacefully” demonstrated to become entitled to get money earmarked for the amnesty program. So special were these lumpen scums that presidential Chief of Staff and minister of police affairs rushed to address them; and it was a “fruitful” visit as they returned to the creeks with Ghana-Must-Go bags of money. They tasted “Abuja Money” and promised to return, given the presidential treatment they received. Fancy how a group of people in turbans, out of Yobe or Borno, would have been received, if they entered Abuja in, say, a convoy of ten buses. They would be labeled as “Boko Haram terrorists” and shot in cold blood on the streets!

It is a sign of the times; governments without legitimacy like Jonathan’s, around the neo-colonial world bought into the American “War on Terror”, and have massacred their citizens under its guise. There is a reactionary media which swallows imperialist slogans line, hook and sinker, ready to justify those killings, as they take place, and then report indignations by international human rights organizations, weeks and months after. The pattern has been established in Nigeria for a long time: Muslims are demonized and profiled in enemy terms; thereby justifying their massacre by security agencies of the state. But thugs from the Niger Delta are called “militants” while OPC cut-throats are sympathetically presented in media frames. It is such an ambience which facilitated the sweetheart treatment given the invading thugs in 65 buses, in Abuja! They are signs of the times in our country and our world!

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