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Dear All;
I have the greatest pleasure to inform you that after a considerable amount of work, my website is going live. It is: www.modibbokawu.com.
We have so far uploaded over 750 writeups, that cut across the different issues that I have commented on, and analysed, over the past couple of decades. The website has been divided into the following categories:

1. African & International Affairs
2. Art & Literature
3. Early Writings
4. Editorials
5. Ilorin
6. Kwara
7. Miscellaneous
8. National Politics & Economy
9. NBC Speeches
10. News Commentaries on Radio Kwara
11. Paper Presentations
12. Sports
13. The NBC Years
14. Travelogue
15. Tributes

The team will continue to upload the writings over the next couple of weeks. Just as we would endeavour to give you, our readers, a very professional, and equally pleasant, reading experience, as we continuously improve the layout of the website itself, with the utmost ambition of making it an excellent website. Please let us have your views about the website, as well as of the various materials that the website hosts.
So, visit us today.

The site is: www.modibbokawu.com
Thank you very much.

Dr. Is’haq Modibbo Kawu, PhD, FNGE.


  1. Excellent work and news , a very great innovation in writings and reading. Looking forward to visit the site soon. Thanks so much.

  2. Dear Comrade,
    Good Morning ☀️
    It was just a couple of days ago, I read a strong appeal from one of our comrades whose name now I cannot remember, urging you to do a similar thing to what Cde Owei Lakemfa did last week, that is opening a WhatsApp Chat page for his columns. Unknown to all of us, who were conspiratorially promoting such a long overdue appeal, you were light years ahead in planning this most pleasant of surprises. We are indeed very delighted and proud to be associated with this very novel and truly noble idea. Keep it up!
    Comrade Salisu Nuhu Muhammad
    May 15th, 2023

  3. I am delighted that you have finally done this, over the years, I have wondered how all your past work would not be disturbed or the hard copies of your publications would not be mutilated but alhamdulillah you have successfully created your website that will give everyone the opportunity to visit and read widely all your past work
    I do not have any doubt about who the best writer is.
    Dr Modibbo I want to salute your intellectual movement over the past decades and your ability to write so brilliantly sometimes assisting to creat a very powerful imaginative minds for your readers to understand and capture the sense in what you driving at….
    May Allah continue to guide you, grant you strength and wisdom to do what you know how to do best. The sky is no longer your limit obviously…..I congratulate you.

  4. Congratulations. Your pedigree is outstanding and surely many of us will find this site very useful. Well done my brother and wishing you more successes.

  5. Wow, Alhamdullillah! I expected nothing less of perfect website and thank God I’m not disappointed. I want to draw your attention to the homepage, it is not looking attractive as the contents on the site. There’s a need for improvement. I foresee this legacy outliving you, sir. Kudos!

  6. Great jobs from our brother and mentor. This website is indeed a gift to the Gen X, a sweet memory for Gen Y and a window to know about yesterday for the Gen Z in order to refocus on today and for better tomorrow.
    Thanks and best wishes sir.

  7. Good effort! I am sure this site will be a rich source of reference resources for researchers as well as those seeking knowledge and enlightenment! Congratulations! I wish you all the best.

  8. Congratulations on this, what Chairman Mao would call The Great Leap Forward It is a very rich addition to education and national public discourse.

  9. ManshaAllah
    Amdan washukro
    Wishing u all the best sir.
    Bijahi muhamadu.

  10. Dr. Moddibo kawu a good de~marchee ,a complete gentleman, a role~model to so many of us, and indeed a stateman . I have always read his publications. I am opportuned to meet him once with an older brother (Saeed Dan Musa)few years past. Love his impactive posts and publications. Wish that ,he keeps it on and up.

  11. Great effort. I commend your initiative. This platform has provided an opportunity to put the issues straight for posterity. Especially as it relates to the NBC saga.

  12. MashaAllah
    This is apt, timely and a welcomed development. Long over due. But it is better late than never.

    May God Almighty continue to strengthen you, help and guide on this noble project which it will be beneficial to the society and humanity in general for centuries to come by the special grace of God.
    This is one of the greatest lifetime achievements and a legacy worth eulogizing and emulating.

    Congratulations Alaraini. More wisdom to your thought.

    Wishing the very best In-Sha-Allah

  13. Awesome site comrade..a monumental contribution to our collective journey for a better, humane and just society

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