Wanted urgently in all Federal varsities: A faculty of stomach infrastructure

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NIGERIA must thank the Political Scientist, Jibo Ibrahim, for his original contribution to our understanding of the intricacies of Nigerian political culture. This is because it was Jibo that coined the term “Stomach Infrastructure”, to help us understand the monumental victory that Ayo Fayose scored in the Ekiti state governorship election.

Fayose wiped out the incumbent in all the 16 LGAs of Ekiti. Since Jibo’s “invention”, the term has a taken a life of its own in Nigeria. Last week, Governor Ayo Fayose proudly owned the term and to show seriousness, he announced and actually appointed a Special Assistant on Stomach Infrastructure.

That is expected to be replicated in all the LGAs and the brand new governor told his jubilant supporters at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium in Ado Ekiti, that their chickens were fattening and bags of rice will be ready for Christmas, for: “STOMACH INFRA…” and the jubilant crowd added: “…STRUCTURE”!

On the wings of the success of this vote winning slogan and praxis, I want to patriotically urge President Goodluck Jonathan; PDP Chairman Adamu Mu’azu; Party Fossil and Enforcer-in-Chief, Tony Anenih, to consider directing ALL the new Federal Universities that President Jonathan “dashed” Nigeria, from Otuoke, through Lokoja to Dutse and beyond, to URGENTLY introduce a FACULTY OF STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE with immediate effect.

Professorial chairs can be swiftly endowed to consolidate STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE as a component part of the Transformation Agenda. Agriculture Minister, Dr. Adesina should also get a remit to include STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE in the successor programme to OFN and GREEN REVOLUTION, which was launched this week inside Aso Villa.

These are moments of triumphalism in Nigeria; we have been certified free of Ebola by WHO; and we can even EXPORT STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE around Africa and the whole world, the way that Aliko Dangote is exporting cement plants! Those who cannot see the good coming out of Nigeria should please give themselves the pause; STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE is the MOST POTENT invention of Africa’s biggest vote-rigging contraption (SORRY PLEASE!), Africa’s biggest political party, the PDP! Governor Ayo Fayose  move over and take a bow!.


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