Valedictory Speech At The 32nd NDA Convocation Ceremony

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Appointment as Valedictory Speaker for the NDA Convocation Ceremony

Dear Dr Is’haq Modibbo Kawu.

I am delighted to inform you that you have been appointed the Valedictorian of the 32nd NDA Convocation Ceremony scheduled for Tue 4 Oct 2022. You are to deliver a short valedictory speech lasting not more than 5 minutes. This is a statutory feature of the Convocation. It would be appreciated if you could forward a copy of your short speech to We advice you avoid sensitive or private speech. Focus on a collective statement on behalf of graduands and honorees.


Prof UA Tar
For: Convocation LOC


My name is Dr. Is’haq Modibbo Kawu. I have just successfully graduated with a PhD in Defence and Strategic Studies, here at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA). On behalf of all the graduands and honorees at this 32nd NDA Convocation Ceremony, I want to express gratitude to the Nigeria Defence Academy, and our various lecturers and faculties, for the truly incredible ambience of study; quality of teaching; and the professionalism that underpinned our years of academic endeavors, at this institution.

When I first visited the NDA, to make inquiries about the tentative plan I had to study here, I was struck, by the very organized setting, and the welcoming ambience. I’m sure that I speak for all my graduating colleagues, that following our admission, we met lecturers and faculty, that were dedicated to teaching, and the pursuit of socially-responsible knowledge.

The ethos of work and of learning, are an excellent reflection of the vision that founded the Nigerian Defence Academy. And for me, who has worked within the very critical culture of broadcasting and journalism, for more than four decades, the NDA became a veritable institution, that assisted the sharpening of my perspective, about the interconnected nature of learning and the world; the search for excellence, and the complexities associated with building society, especially in developing countries.

The Nigerian Defence Academy has equipped us to go into the world, to help to make it a more humane place; we are therefore obliged to deploy all that we’ve learnt here, in the service of our country; and of humanity. These are the reasons why education is so central to human progress. Thank you very much for the remarkable opportunity you’ve given us here. We will be ambassadors of the Nigerian Defence Academy, wherever we go; and for life!

Dr. Is’haq Modibbo Kawu
Valedictorian, NDA 32nd Convocation Ceremony;
Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

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