Travel And Holiday Between California And England

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I spent a week in California before coming into England last week. California has the seventh largest economy in the world, but in the midst of an economic crisis now, suggestion of a four-day working week is being discussed. But it is a beautiful part of the United States to visit, with developments in all facets of life: post-modern architecture; very well-run universities, the film industry and the arts in general plus its very friendly people. I arrived in England against the backdrop of the commencement of the campaigns for the forthcoming British General Elections as well as the first live television debate between the three main political leaders which seemed to have animated British politics. There is of course the volcanic ash spewing from Iceland that has disrupted aviation in the whole of Europe (I am scared about being stranded here!).

It is instructive how the welfare of people is the central issue of governance in Europe and America. In turn it deepens legitimacy and consent between people and the ruling classes. It is this working of legitimacy and consent that continues to dog Nigeria’s ruling class politics.

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