The USA: of impunity and international order

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The Washington Post recently revealed that American President, George W. Bush has authorized the Central  Intelligence Agency, CIA, to undertake covert operations inside Iraq. The effort, according to the report, is to capture the Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein.

The team of American operatives has also been permitted to kill President Saddam Hussein in what they termed, “self-defense”. This clear case of imperialist brigandage, by the most powerful country in the world, as expected, received bi-partisan endorsement in Congress. Senior Democrat Congressman Dick Gephardt described the plans as “a good idea”.

It should be noted that American foreign policy objectives have been pursued with brutal means in the past; the USA has never been shy to use assassinations, invasions, and sponsorship of coups d’etat or economic and naval blockades against governments that have dared to pursue policies not to the liking of Washington. Such policies were often covert operations, in the main, which can then be denied by the State Department, whenever they go wrong.

What is new, especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellite states, is the degree of impunity attendant to recent activities of the United States, as it consolidates its position as the world’s remaining superpower.

A new height in American bellicosity and increasing disregard for the norms of civilised international conduct has become apparent in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

George W. Bush, in the self-declared war against terrorism, said America defines what constitutes an offense and will also be judge, jury and executioner. Whoever is not in cahoots with the USA is therefore on the side of any person, organisation, or country which America might have labelled as an enemy.

This background, together with the gung-ho propensities of leading members of the US administration such as the president himself, the vice president, Dick Cheney, the Defence Secretary, Rumsfeld, and National Security Adviser, Condoleeza Rice, has been responsible for this excessive obsession with their “unfinished war” in Iraq and the directive to kill the president of a sovereign country, given by the US president.                                      

The danger of this act of International illegality rests in the refusal of or inability of the world community to condemn this illegal directive. We live in a world of hypocrisy, double standards, and betrayal of humane norms of international conduct, through excessive pandering to the whims of the USA.

The international community must remind the USA that as the remaining superpower, it will do well to acquire the habits of a just arbiter of the international situation. The USA has played the bully of the order once too often.

Its increasing protection of the continued lawlessness of Israel and guaranteeing of its strategic superiority over the Arab and Islamic world has also fed its desire to overthrow the Iraqi government and the directive to kill President Saddam Hussein.

The nations of the world must strongly condemn the irresponsible declaration of intent to kill by the US administration. It is the collective interest of all countries to resist Washington’s plan. It is Iraq today, who might be next tomorrow? It is not the duty nor the right of the USA to decide how long the leader of another country lives.

Clearly, the USA is putting every country on notice to do its bidding, or else! The directive given to the CIA by President George W. Bush is illegal, Irresponsible, and an affront to the entire world. Daily Trust calls on people everywhere to stop America in its tracks before it commits murder.

It might become necessary for the International Tribunal at The Hague to begin an examination of the legal implications of George W. Bush’s directive to his security agencies.

It is agreed that the world has changed since September 11, the employment of impunity as a policy step and disdain for the interests of other peoples cannot make the world safer for the USA and its interest. Irresponsible deployment of superpower capability can only spell doom for the entire international system.

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