The Public Outing Of Facebook Jonathan

September 22, 2010
1 min read

Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential charity began on FACEBOOK last Wednesday; our president with the bowler-hat chose the social networking site, to play the neo-colonial variant of Barack Obama, in declaring his ill-disguised presidential ambition, rigging permitting. Like an illicit affair ending in an unplanned pregnancy, the passing months finally expose a protruding belly. Goodluck divided Nigeria down the middle to reach his point of declaration, and the rented crowd bused-in from everywhere cost a tidy sum.

Goodluck openly confessed ownership of the illicit pregnancy at the Eagle Square, Abuja. The premature baby will hopefully, be rigged into life in January 2011, to probably spend four years in an incubator of a badly-governed Nigeria. FACEBOOK JONATHAN hides behind a bowler hat to hemorrhage Nigeria’s finances, as a man from the past, Charles Soludo alerted last week. A Jonathan Rottweiler attacked the messenger but ignored the message: in matters economic, Goodluck is clueless. Hiding behind a bowler hat to block unseemly reality while lost in the neither-nor world of cyberspace; that is the nether world of FACEBOOK JONATHAN! Days after the rented crowd dispersed from the Eagle Square, it was exposed that FACEBOOK JONATHAN had stolen lines from Atiku Abubakar’s 2007 speech! Phew!!


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