The Nigerian political elite’s deep-seat inferiority complex

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has also copied from the Obasanjo script by appointing a presidential body on agriculture made up of foreigners who have no relevance to the agricultural fate of Nigeria.

Just as I was thinking about the groveling lack of self respect of the thieving crop of politicians that rule us today, I went back on the net to watch the documentary produced during the 1960s visit to the USA by Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

The popular narrative in the media is to describe him as “conservative”, but the dignity with which he carried himself wherever he went, was far superior to the slave-like, subservient, ear-to-ear grin of Tinubu; the clueless befuddlement of Jonathan or the self-deprecating assertion of Umaru Yar’adua.

This crop of politicians is deficient in honour; and not organically linked to the best interests of the Nigerian people. They wrongly assume that acceptance by imperialist politicians is superior to genuine affection of the Nigerian people.

In truth, they know that the Nigerian people loathe them for the crimes they have continued to commit against them. But groveling lack of self respect and complete surrender to Western Imperialist politicians cannot trump genuine acceptance by the Nigerian people. This is what heroes like Murtala Muhammed demonstrated while in power.

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