The Incurable Maladies Of The ANPP

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Last Friday, a very angry member of the ANPP called me against the backdrop of the abortive effort to effect ‘regime change’ in the leadership of the ANPP. It did not happen, contrary to raised hopes, because all the leading lights of the party had their own agenda. Each was determined to use the party, or the rump which exists still, to push that agenda. A game of mutually-assured destruction is taking place, and the angry party man told me that as far as he was concerned, there does not seem to be any more direction to turn politically in the country. The PDP has become the ‘mega party’ which sucks in people from other political camps; on the other hand, so-called opposition parties like the ANPP are clones of the PDP. Those who remain in it, are only biding their time before joining the PDP; when they remain, like moles, they eat away at the soul of the party. It has become a lose-lose situation and that is the basis of the frustratiuon which my caller faces!

The story broke last week, that a NEC meeting of the party was to hold, with the conclusion of palns to remove from office the absolutely incompetent leadership of Chief Edwin Ume-Ezeoke and Sa’idu Kumo. At the heart of the manouevres, was the clash of ambitions within the party. Governor Shekarau of Kano was said to have financed the meeting with the sum of twenty million naira.


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