The cults killings in Kwara State

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LAST week, the media reported that 16 students were killed in different areas of Ilorin, as result of clashes between members of different secret cult groups, in tertiary institutions in Kwara state. The Kwara State Polytechnic was closed as a result, while the authorities stated that none of the killings took place on its campuses.

But the truth is that cults have become the new epidemic in our community. While they had been there in the past, they became a menace only after 1999, when politicians began to use them as thugs.

An ethos of violence has also become ingrained in a society of deep inequalities where family values have gradually eroded. These cults are centres of negative socialisation for young people who have become increasingly alienated in a state t hat has consolidated a perverse culture of leadership especially since 2003.

The authorities in government, schools, homes and society have a great role to play in helping to reverse these frightening descents to violence and wanton killing of youth. We cannot sustain the social structure that does not consciously orient our young people in positive directions.

Our society has become so young today, that governance must be built around the needs of the youth. If politicians remain content with using cults as thugs to protect their irresponsible structures of kleptocratic governance, all the stolen money will not protect them from the inevitable wrath. If you sow wind, you will reap whirlwind. Period!


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