Steven Orosanye And Amos Adam: Good Riddance!

October 24, 2010
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The week before the end of his controversial tenure as (unmerited) Head of Service, Steve Orosanye suddenly became a “must read” on the pages of Nigerian newspapers. It was an elaborate spin that did not achieve its purpose, fortunately for Nigeria. Steve Orosanye reportedly wrote asking an extension of his stay in office, beyond the mandatory period, in order to see through the destructive “reforms” he inflicted upon Nigeria’s bureaucracy.  Orosanye took billions of naira from government to pursue a hare-brained scheme of “reforms” that worsened the civil service and has left in its wake, thousands of ill-motivated workers in service.

Orosanye was one of the crimes that the disgraced despot, Obasanjo committed against Nigeria, because it was under his regime that the man was made a permanent secretary, before the late Umaru Yar’adua committed the faux pas of appointing him Head of Service. It was against the best interest of Nigeria. Thankfully, he didn’t get the extension he sought and is gone. Good Riddance! In the same manner, that Amos Babatunde Aremu Adamu ended his strangulating bear hug of our sports, in absolute disgrace! The three year ban was not enough, but it ends his huffing and puffing, effectively. He will not get the presidency of CAF that he has been priming for (he organized a honourary doctorate degree at the university in his home town, Ogbomosho, for CAF’s Issa Hayatou, as part of his long term plan to head CAF).

He will lose the FIFA position which pays him $150,000 per year to Danny Jordan of South Africa and a new man will become head of WAFU. Some clowns have been lamenting Nigeria’s loss, with Adamu’s exposure and disgrace; but Adamu was NEVER representing Nigeria but HIMSELF! And if you think there is no retribution in these matters, isn’t it interesting, that Ibrahim Galadima has now been nominated as Nigeria’s candidate to take Amos Adamu’s place at CAF? Ibrahim Galadima was the NFA chairman that Adamu organized a “coup” against a few years back. Galadima’s crime was always that he was not part of the ULTRA CORRUPT cabal that Amos Adamu used to control our football and so could not be trusted: they got rich as our football fortunes worsened! I hope Ibrahim Galadima gets elected to show that for once, a good man can get to the right places. We now have the opportunity to reclaim our football from the bandits of the Amos Adamu School of corruption. Amos Adamu is a goner; long gone! Good Riddance!!


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