Stephen Osagiede Oronsaye: The absurdities of Nigerian political life

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Daily Trust recently scooped that Head of Service Stephen Oronsaye “sought a two-year tenure extension” because “he needed the extra two years to train the new Permanent secretaries and directors”. Request was, however, turned dow n by Goodluck Jonathan. Even WIKIPEDIA, the online encyclopaedia, described Oronsaye’s appointment/confirmation “an unusual appointment since he was not a civil servant”. Oronsaye was a “boy-boy” handmaiden to A nthony Ani, Abacha’s Finance Minister, as a Special Assistant, a purely political appointment; he should have left at the end of Ani’s tenure, but in 1999 he surfaced in Obasanjo’s State House as PPS and later Perm anent Secretary that he didn’t deserve. And since President Yar’adua’s great m istake o f appointing him Head of Service, O ronsaye has continued to feather his personal nest: Director of the CBN and a m em ber of the NITEL Board, statutorily headed by Permanent Secretary, M inistry of Com m unications, his own staff (in his personal recognition, whatever that means!). Orosanye has got billions o f naira to produce a “world class public service”, whatever the heck that means! Now the alleged temerity to seek a two-year tenure elongation! Oronsaye should go; simple. He shouldn’t have been HOS in the first place,”anyway!

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