Offa Grammar School: A Worrisome Deterioration

October 11, 2011
1 min read

The Fidau prayer for Alhaji RK Yusuf was held at the Offa Grammar School, the first community secondary school in the North. It graduated many outstanding individuals who continue to make contributions to the development of our country.

It is a school I knew, at the height of its glory, in the 1970s and 1980s, and I was very sad last weekend to see its deterioration. When I thought aloud about its state, someone said it was in Offa, seen as an ‘opposition’ area, so it was not likely to see improvement.

I hope our governments realize that even “opposition” communities have a right to the good life. I pray the Kwara State Government will do something positive about good old Offa Grammar School soon.

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