nPDP and APC: Come has become

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Nigeria effectively became a two-party state on Tuesday when the nPDP joined the APC. It has brought about a fascinating political scenario in the lead to the 2015 elections. Jonathan has his work cut out to win the next election, just as the APC will need more than Solomon’s wisdom plus the deftest political footwork, to balance contending interests within.

It has potentials to suffer political indigestion! But all politics is local. I am concerned about political happenings in Kwara. Our own battle is to uproot Bukola Saraki’s hegemony.

That arrogant chap sits atop the resources of our state.  Dele Belgore’s emergence as the leading opposition candidate ignited a lot of optimism during the last election. As is his wont, Saraki has now come to take away the toil of others, just as they originally stole PDP in 2003!

With Saraki’s movement into APC, I DON’T WANT APC’S victory in Kwara, since it means possibility of continuation of Saraki’s hegemony.

It will be interesting to see if Jonathan’s PDP will learn how to handle Kwara’s politics to terminate Saraki’s hegemony. For me, in Kwara, it is anybody but Saraki!.

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