Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba: The Ultimate Survivor

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For me, the picture of the month in Nigerian newspapers must be that which had Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba, snuggling up to INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega. The picture was taken at a meeting between Senate and INEC. David Mark had appointed the controversial Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba, chairperson of the Senate Committee on INEC. ‘Andy’ Uba, certainly ‘knows’ a thing or two about INEC, having been ‘godfather’ to Maurice Iwu, organizer of the much discredited 2007 elections.

Iwu used to answer Uba “yes sir”, when ‘Andy’ (plucked from a nondescript American obscurity; he is neither a medical doctor nor PHD holder but is addressed as “Doctor”, which he laps up heartily!) ruled the roost as Obasanjo’s PA on ‘Domestic Affairs’ but had hands in several pies. Obasanjo’s 8year tenure made ‘Andy’ Uba stupendously rich and powerful! As Obasanjo’s tenure drew to a close, Nnamdi contrived an elaborate project of continued relevance as governor of Anambra State. Every stop was pulled, karfi da yaji, to ensure ‘Andy’ Uba’s emergence. Iwu’s INEC allegedly awarded Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba, more votes than the registered voters!

The character huffed and puffed as ‘governor’ for about two weeks, until he was, thankfully, sacked by the courts; an act which triggered nation-wide jubilations. But this is PDP ruled, anything-goes, Nigeria. Today, the controversial chap is a senator, making laws for our country. Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba is a typical specimen of post-1999 Nigeria, when controversial characters somehow found ways to become lords of the Nigerian manor. They all have one thing in common: they are daring and driven by their lack of a background and have made tremendous material success on the back of a prostate Nigeria. Little wonder that Nigeria continues to live dangerously on the edge of the precipice. Nnamdi ‘Andy’ Uba is the ultimate survivor in the morass that Nigeria is, under the PDP!

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