Nigerian ruling class ‘justice’: Steal N25bn, pay N3m fine

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MICHAEL is the younger brother of former Edo state governor, Lucky Igbinedion. He was standing trial for N25billion money laundering offences.

For eight years, Lucky Igbinedion presided over a regime of massive heist against Edo state, leaving the state prostrate and underdeveloped. It was from his years in power, between 1999 and 2007, that Lucky Igbinedion’s younger brother, Michael, committed a crime of money laundering. Last week, Justice A.M. Liman of the Federal High Court, Benin, sentenced Michael to six years imprisonment with an option of paying a fine of N3million.

This is the true face of ruling class  justice  in Nigeria. It offers opportunities to individuals from the ruling elite to carry out economic and other crimes against our country, but it sharply administers ‘justice’ against the poor. The N25billion that was stolen from Edo could have provided education, health care, entrepreneurial training as well as stem the tide of prostitution in Italy.

But a member of the ruling family stole money, deprived millions of citizens of governance outcomes and was given just a rap on the knuckle! We cannot sustain the charade of ‘justice’ for the rich in Nigeria!.

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