Nigerian ruling class justice: Steal N23bn, pay N750,000 fine and enjoy the loot

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JOHN Yakubu Yusufu is a thief; confirmed! He was one of the eight civil  servants who stole N40billion from the Nigeria Police Pension Funds. His share of the loot was “a mere N23Billion”.

He was taken to court and was sentenced to two years imprisonment with an option of N750, 000 fine.

The thief paid up the ridiculous “change” and was let off, well…to enjoy the loot! Scandalised Nigerians forgot the nature of Nigerian ruling class “justice”.

Those given custody of national resources are bandits, worse than common criminals; but there is a protective racket for this clan of thieves.

Didn’t Lucky Igbinedion get a tap on the wrist for looting Edo state? What about thebandits caught up in the fuel subsidy scandal? Forgotten the Power sector scam?There are those who looted states and are now re-opening banks they initially looted to win states they re-looted? The “fight against corruption” is a joke! The anti-corruption bodies are a burlesque. Our bandit ruling class rule a bandit state!

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