My citizen Chukwuma wonderment

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ABOUT  five years ago, I needed to purchase a “new” (Tokunbo) engine for a vehicle and was agonising just how I would do that. One of my younger brothers in Ilorin gave me the telephone number of a certain Chukwuma Enwereuzor in Lagos.

He told me that he had purchased some vehicle spare parts through the man; he transferred money and the guy delivered. Given the levels of mistrust within our social setting, I was loath to send the money, but I eventually did, and remarkably, Chukuma, delivered.

But not only did he deliver, he  followed the good to a motor park; effected payment; collected waybill number and sent to me, and till I collected at my end, he was monitoring. That has set a pattern of relationship between us.

I would transfer money and then the cycle of service would be repeated by him. Last week, I effected a transfer of funds, and the same pattern was near-religiously followed by Chukwuma; and it was on whatsApp, last week, that I finally saw how he looked! He must be in his late thirties. The mechanic that was fixing the vehicle sent a message to me through my driver: “please thank the man that helped to buy your vehicle’s engine; he got you a very good engine; and he is a very nice man”!

It was that message that prompted this piece today. For too long, we have got used to stereotyping ourselves in Nigeria. But there is an incredible amount of good in our country, in people from all parts of Nigeria. Of course, there is also a lot of bad, from everywhere as well.

But I think we should applaud those who do a decent job, working hard in their spaces, to earn an honest livelihood and in the process, making a vital contribution to Nigeria’s development. Mister Chukuma Enwereuzor is an example of such Nigerians.

In his honesty and dedicated labour, he has further deepened my love for our country as well as my appreciation of the humanity of all of us, no matter the background that we might come from.

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