Muhammed Dele Belgore (San) And The Race For Kwara In 2011

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The main political story last weekend in Ilorin was the alleged interest of Muhammed Dele Belgore (SAN), in governorship of Kwara state in 2011. People are animated that a challenge can emerge from a genuine son of Ilorin to the dominant order in Kwara state. There is also the loud rejection of the rumored plan to impose Senator Gbemisola Saraki as governor in 2011, especially expressed by the Ulama. The possibility of brother (Bukola) handing over to sister (Gbemisola) is anathema for most people in the state.

How the groundswell of feeling against the family hegemony will be channeled into a significant political movement able to challenge for power remains to be seen, but people want the chains broken; simple! In the next few weeks, we expect a plethora of candidates to join the Kwara governorship race in a determined push against the dominant order. Meanwhile, Bukola Saraki is said to be having sleepless nights searching for a trustworthy successor to protect his back. Kwara politics would be exciting in 2011 because Dele Belgore’s candidacy will change the dynamics. This is related to the dominant population and voting strength of Ilorin Emirate. [A disclaimer is herein appropriate: Dele Belgore is my cousin].

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