It has been a cold year in Northern Nigeria

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OVER the last weekend I was back home in Kaduna and I also travelled to Daura, passing through Zaria and Kano. It was a particularly cold weekend in these different places and for my stay in Kaduna I had to be dressed as warmly as I literally did in London last month.

It was amazing that by early this week, Mouftah Baba-Ahmed was reporting that temperature had dropped to 8 degrees in Zaria, the same as in London!
This is a very cold year in Northern Nigeria indeed and it is looking like the patterns of the world’s weather have become particularly severe. One point that most people have missed though is the plight of street kids in many Northern cities. While we wrap ourselves and wear layers of warm clothing, these kids are exposed to the elements.

Their plight has moved Jeedah Modibbo so much, that when she returned home to Kano for the holiday, she decided to organize a fund raising to purchase blankets, caps, socks and cardigans for Kano’s street children. I think such an initiative is very worthy in this very cold period in Northern Nigeria. These children deserve warmth too.

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