October 5, 2011
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There is always something new out of Africa”; the words of Pliny the Elder (23AD-79AD); Roman scholar and scientist, came to ind as I write these lines. Isa Yuguda, Bauchi State governor, recently appointed 810 special assistants; 94 senior special assistants; 24 directors-general; 20 special advisers; 20 deputy local government chairmen; 20 secretaries for local government caretaker committees; 5 members for each of the 18 LG committees. Their salaries and perks will cost Bauchi over one billion naira annually! The Sardauna ran Northern Nigeria (19 states today!) with 20 ministers; 12 with portfolio; 3 ministers of state; 5 chiefs without portfolio on part time; 2 parliamentary secretaries; each portfolio minister had a parliamentary secretary, while all of them were members of parliament. He had 3 civil servants, one a principal private secretary and two private secretaries. Yet we cannot forget him!

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