Isa Yuguda And The Wages Of Political Opportunism

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For political opportunists like Isa Yuguda, it does not rain, it pours! And it is good that Yuguda is getting his comeuppance so soon. SUNDAY TRUST this week reported the absence of people Yuguda invited for his “Pro-Goodluck” rally in Bauchi just as the courts re-instated the deputy governor removed for refusing to decamp into the PDP along with Yuguda, a few months ago. And a few months can be a very long time in politics! Yuguda is fighting to save a sinking political career. It might be apocryphal, but the story goes that at the height of his political invisibility as a presidential son-in-law, Isa Yuguda used to simply ignore then vice president, Jonathan Goodluck. So worried was Goodluck, it is said, that he once sent people to Bauchi to help beg Yuguda if there was anything he did wrong. Then tables turned in Nigeria and Goodluck became lord of the manor.

He is bent on removing Isa Yuguda from his perch, hence the appointment of Yuguda’s nemesis, Senator Bala Muhammed as FCT minister, to acquire the wherewithal to launch a bid for governorship of Bauchi. Goodluck is poised to extract a pound of flesh so a politically desperate Yuguda rubbishes zoning and supports Jonathan to run adding that whoever opposed Jonathan opposes God! Yuguda has become a political pariah disposed to also becoming an unguided missile. Massively elected to teach his old friend, Adamu Muazzu a lesson for attempting to play God; Yuguda revealed his opportunism by returning to the PDP after taking a presidential daughter as wife. The emergence as president of the Goodluck Jonathan that Yuguda used to ignore has become his nightmare and by choosing to openly campaign against zoning, he also alienated himself from Northern Nigeria. Isa Yuguda’s fate is instructive: he has lost the people; abandoned the North and he won’t get favours from Goodluck no matter the number of “Pro-Jonathan” rallies he might organize! As the Americans say: that’s how the cookie crumbles!

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