Iraq: Before the criminal American invasion

August 14, 2002
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There is an air of palpable tension hanging over the international community in respect of the well known intention of George W. Bush, and the American administration to launch a massive invasion of the Iraqi nation, to effect a regime change, and essentially stab a poisonous sword of “pax Americana” into the heart of the Islamic world.

Ever since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the American administration has literally gone berserk in its bellicosity and utter disdain for the norms of civilised conduct in its relationship with other nations of the world. It issued a ‘riot act to the world for countries to line up behind America or be declared part of the terrorist ensemble at the mercy  of America’s awesome firepower.

By extension an ‘axis of evil’ was also invented by the self-righteous George W. Bush; an axis which he is intent upon wiping off the face of the world. Iraq happens to be part of this American ‘axis’, but beyond that, lraq was ‘unfinished business’ that George W. Bush vowed to deal with almost as an obsessive ego boil that must be lanced, using the most massive military arsenal in human history.

To justify the proposed criminal aggression against Iraq that has been reeling under the pernicious sanctions of the past ten years, Bush has invented lies about Iraqi links with international terrorism, which fortunately were exploded by a distinct lack of credible evidence. Still obsessed with the ogre’s desire to spill blood, Bush raked up an even more discredited reason of Iraq’s possession of so-called weapons of mass destruction.

All indications are that the United States is putting finishing touches to its plan against Irag which include the upgrading of military command facilities in the Middle East, the cobbling together of a puppet group of Iraqi mercenaries, and the regular study of warfare scenarios by the top echelon Pentagon military chiefs and the inner circles of the White House plus the secretive briefings of the American Congress which has also ac quiesced in the desire to destroy Iraq and its leadership.

 It is noteworthy that the American scenario for war to remove the Iraqi leadership is part of an elaborate strategic calculation. The Americans of late have been re-thinking their energy policies in the Middle East since the events of September 11. Time magazine of August 5, 2002 has revealed that once the American desire is achieved in Iraq, Washington, through the puppet regime it will install in Baghdad, will be sitting pretty atop the second largest oil reserve in the world.

The scenario will hopefully knock the Saudis back to their senses, away from their recently critical stance visa-versa  America’s unconditional approval of the atrocities being committed by Israel. In the long run, the removal of President Saddam Hussein will also strengthen the strategic superiority which Israel enjoys over the entire Arab and Islamic world. The Palestinian peoples’ suffering should then deepen, given this complicated tapestry.

Perceptive observers of the unfolding scenario have joined the building coalition of resentment across the globe from leading European actors such as Germany, France to the EU, the UN, , the Anglican church in England as well as even the most conservative Arab regimes such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia, not to talk of Kuwait (invaded in 1991 by Iraq), to express opposition to the illegal preparations of the US administration to sow death and destruction in Iraq.

Daily Trust reminds that the United States has consistently been emasculating international consensus over the years, but the advent of the ultra-reactionary Bush administration has taken arrogance, diktat and unilateralism to a new height. The international system cannot be maintained when one country – even with its huge economic power and a defence budget of $355.4 billion – rides roughshod over the collective interests of humanity

Let us therefore join the worldwide diplomatic coalition against the war plans of the United States of America. George Bush and the hawks of Washington should know that they do not have the support of the world in the in their pursuit of the madness of war against the Iraqi people and leadership.

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