Imperialism and the Islamic world in ferment

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The demonstrations against the blasphemous film, made by a fringe character in the United States, have continued to spread around the Muslim world. The tragic loss of lives in the past couple of weeks, since the film went viral on the internet,  the lives of the innocent, has been highlighted by the killing of the American Ambassador in Libya. It was poignant that the Ambassador had been an active supporter of the rightwing, conservative religious groups that were the central forces which imperialism used to topple Muammar Khadaffi.

Despite its many weaknesses, Ghaddafi’s regime was nationalistic and Ghadaffi supported many anti-imperialist projects around the world, including his well-recognised contributions against apartheid in South Africa. But he had to go; imperialism needed the control of Libya=s oilfields which was increasingly falling intoa Chinese sphere of interest. With his fall, the satrapy installed in Tripoli is beginning to hand over Libyan oil to the Western firms.

But far more sinister is the unleashing of the reactionary forces of regionalism, tribal rivalry and backward religious groups in the country.

They are threatening to take Libya back to the Stone Ages: they are destroying tombs of Sufi scholars; they are burning books and want to impose their views of Islam on Libya, as they are trying to do in Tunisia and Egypt and the same reactionary forces are exporting fighters to Syria, under the aegis of the imperialist powers, and the active connivance of the medieval ruling clique in Saudi Arabia. It is laughable that one of the most backward regimes in the world, the Saudi ruling regime which does not even allow women to drive cars, is ostensibly exporting democracy to Syria; the same regime which sent in tanks into Bahrain, to suppress a democratic uprising!

The issues are clear: the imperial interests include the control of the oil resources and the protection of the strategic military superiority that the Zionist state of Israel has over the Arab and Muslim world. It is precisely the reason why Iran is under the radar; its scientific and technical capacity must be destroyed anyhow.

The methods include the targeted assassination of Iranian scientists as was done in Iraq; there are plans being openly discussed, that Zionist Israel will attack Iranian nuclear research sites, even when Israel is the ONLY state in the Middle East with over 200 nuclear warheads. Yet no one dares to mention them; just as any criticism of the Zionist state is increasingly described as anti-Semitic and therefore dismissed!

One of the points of anger in the Muslim world is the fact that the West continues to plead free speech as reason it cannot stop those who ridicule the faith of Islam; yet the same Western world punishes denial of the Holocaust and homophobic crimes. The double standards implicit in this position baffles and angers millions of Muslims around the world.

It is also in the same context of the interests of imperialism, that I recall that they were able to cobble together civil society and human right groups, in April 2011 or so, to denounce Ghadaffi’s alleged atrocities to prepare the ground for the NATO airstrikes which killed hundreds of innocent Libyan civilians with the use of depleted uranium warheads.

Some of the signatories of the justification for the imperial attack of Libya included leading Nigerian human rights activists=. Those who collect dollars from imperialism, end up supporting some of the most criminal activities of these powers.

They pocket dollars but are culpable in imperialist crimes! But it is clear that whatever method is used to legitimize pro-imperialist uprisings and delegitimize others, people will continue to struggle to change their lives, no matter the amount of manipulations effected by imperialism; from Washington, London or Paris!

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