From Jigawa to Plateau: The digital broadcasting resolve

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LAST Tuesday, the new Jigawa State Television organized a live interview with Governor Sule Lamido, as part of test transmission which commenced in March. I have told the story of the work we have been doing as the Interim Management of the JTV, since March 2013. In Jigawa, the government took a decision to construct one of the most imposing broadcasting complexes in Nigeria.

But more forward-looking was the decision to procure some of the most advanced digital-ready equipment for the television service along with the ambitious challenge the Interim Management was set, to institute programming and news at the highest levels of professionalism.

The vision was to tell the Nigerian and African stories from the setting of Jigawa state, and from that mandate, parochialism was banished deliberately. Out team is resolved to deliver on the mandate with the hope that the JTV can become an object lesson in uniting our country, through the power of broadcasting.

It seems obvious that one good example can often become a trigger for a copycat action. Last week, Pinnacle Communications Limited, which delivered the Jigawa TV procurement was also awarded the contract for the supply of equipment for Plateau State Television. As worked out, it will also be a walk on the path of digital upgrade that will position television broadcasting in Plateau state. It is no surprise that Governor Jonah Jang has taken such a decisive step, because Jos has always been a frontline city for media in Northern Nigeria dating back to decades.

The crises of the past couple of years overshadowed the remarkable story of that beautiful part of our country. But things are gradually taking a turn for normalcy, not even the tragic bombings of the past few weeks, can destroy the resolve. From Jigawa to Plateau, we are witnessing the gradual consolidation of the digital transition, with all the exciting possibilities that we will harvest into the future. I say this with the optimism of a long-term participant in the broadcasting industry.

A lot of new opportunities will open in broadcasting that will challenge our creativity and give access to the most daring. So the investments being made by states like Jigawa and Plateau, are the necessary platforms that will open the aperture for the exciting future of digital broadcasting. So welcome to the future of broadcasting, Plateau state.

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